The Discovery offers expert short and long term therapy through research, professional qualifications and clinical experience. In a confidential and secure setting, we provide individual, couples and group psychotherapy and counselling. We are informed by and follow both the BACP Ethical Framework and the UKCP Ethical Principles and Code of Professional Conduct. Our team of expert therapists offer psychotherapy and counselling services for a wide range of issues and symptoms in a kind, compassionate and understanding environment. Please contact us to discuss our work with you. We also accept private insurance.

Some of our work includes:


*Eating Disorders

*Relationships and Attachment

*Sexuality, Sexual Orientation and LGBTQL+

*Anxiety and Panic Attacks

*Personality Disorders

*Young People and Adolescents

*Childhood and Family

*Self Harm

*Identity and Self-Esteem

*Suicidal Ideation

*Anger and Aggression Management


*Marital Issues

*Bereavement and Loss

*Post Natal Depression


*Bi-Polar Disorder

*Psychotic Breakdowns


*Borderline Personality Disorder

*Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

*Professional Sports Issues

*Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

*Life Transitions

*Existential Issues

We provide short and long therapy, including:

*Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

*Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

*Existential Therapy

*Family and Individual Counselling

*Couples Counselling

*Group Facilitation and Coordination

We also offer consultancy on:


*Self Development

*Group Dynamics and Management